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Reproducibility and Random Access in Sound Synthesis

ID 23514
Abstract We elaborate on the feature of reproducibility and random access in the process of electroacoustic composition. Random access has an intrinsic relationship to concrete sound material by means of the cutting operation. We propose a concise model of the electroacoustic composition process and within it locate the importance of random access. Random access is then interpreted in the light of real-time sound synthesis and the potential and limitations of such interpretation are shown. Implementation approaches are demonstrated on the SuperCollider Server. A final discussion questions the object of effigy in the reproduced sound structure, instead arguing for the concept of a differential reproduction.
Edition Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference (International Computer Music Conference)
Monat 02
Name Computer Music Association
Ort Huddersfield (Vereinigtes Königreich)
Anmerkung procedure: peer-reviewed
Status veröffentlicht
Art der Arbeit full paper
Publikationsart Konferenzband-Beitrag
Jahr 2011
AutorInnen Rutz, H., Podbregar, P., Eckel, G.
EditorInnen Clarke, M.