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HRTF modelling in due consideration variable torso reflections

ID 1770
Abstract Head related transfer functions (HRTFs) describe the physical path from an acoustical source to the ears. It can be gained within the relation of two measurements. The first will give the reference sound pressure in the virtual middle of the head the second has to be done in both ears. In literature exhaustive investigations concerning the idealized location of the second position can be found. Beyond that measurements with various artificial heads and human-beings considering various source directions (azimuth and elevation) with different angular resolutions have been undertaken. The obtained HRTFs exhibit, with subject to the examined source position, frequency dependent magnitude and phase. These complex transfer functions are caused by various reflections, diffractions, pressure superelevation and shadowing, respectively. Reflections are caused form pinna, head and torso, too. Heretofore during determination of the transfer functions the influence of various head-torso arrangements have not be considered. Within this paper the differences which will be caused due to different head-torso angles will be highlighted. Beyond that a numerical model based on interpolation using spherical harmonics will be presented. By the aid of that model the integration within an existing binaural re-synthesis model can be realized and perceptual differences within a dynamic system can be investigated.
Monat 07
Ort Paris (Frankreich)
Anmerkung procedure: without peer reviewing
Status veröffentlicht
Publikationsart Konferenzband-Beitrag
Jahr 2008
AutorInnen Flock, M., Sontacchi, A., Zotter, F.
EditorInnen Luppé, F., Polack, J.