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StiffNeck: The Electroacoustic Music Performance Venue in a Box

ID 42342
Abstract StiffNeck is a tool for the auralisation of electroacoustic music performance venues based on measured room im- pulse responses. It has been developed to support in situ composition, a particular approach towards creating site- specific electroacoustic music works. This compositional practice tries to take maximum advantage of the partic- ularities of irregular loudspeaker configurations and their interaction with the acoustics of the room. StiffNeck can also be used to rehearse acousmatic performances, to test sound rendering with standard spatialisation techniques us- ing regular loudspeaker configurations or to produce artifi- cial sonic spaces in the context of studio work. StiffNeck comes with a large set of room impulse responses covering various loudspeaker configurations measured with an ex- tensive array of microphones in KUG’s Gyo ̈rgy Ligeti Hall in Graz. In addition to the convolution based auralisation, StiffNeck provides geometric representations of the loud- speakers, measurement positions, and the hall which can be used for purposes of visualisation but also for perform- ing geometric calculations informing sound synthesis and projection. StiffNeck has been used to produce a variety of in situ compositions and has been evaluated informally at several occasions in various ways. The open source tool is available as standalone application and as a SuperCollider Quark.
Edition Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference 2014 (International Computer Music Conference)
Monat 02
Name Computer Music Association
Ort San Francisco (Vereinigte Staaten (USA))
Anmerkung procedure: peer-reviewed
Status veröffentlicht
Art der Arbeit full paper
Publikationsart Konferenzband-Beitrag
Jahr 2014
AutorInnen Eckel, G., Rumori, M.
EditorInnen Georgaki, A.