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Frequency dependent Signal Correlation in

ID 761
Abstract With the aim to recreate the original concert-hall sound-field as faithfully as possible in the control- or living-room recordings were made simultaneously with an artificial head and several surround microphone techniques (among them the new BPT method). The surround recordings were re-recorded using the same dummy-head as in the concert-hall. The results of subjective listening tests (loudspeaker as well as binaural) were assessed using ANOVA and correlation analysis. Acoustical analysis of the dummy-head recordings was performed by measuring the .Frequency dependent Inter Aural Cross-correlation Coefficient. (FIACC): the .low-correlation. AB-PC microphone system was capable of reproducing the original sound-field better than any of the other systems under test (DECCA, KFM, OCT). A microphone-systems .Critical Frequency., below which correlation raises towards 1, is defined.
Edition Preprints of the 124th AES Convention (124th AES Convention)
Monat 01
Name AES
Ort Amsterdam (Niederlande)
Anmerkung procedure: peer-reviewed
Status veröffentlicht
Art der Arbeit full paper
Publikationsart Konferenzband-Beitrag
Jahr 2008
AutorInnen Pfanzagl-Cardone, E., Höldrich, R.
EditorInnen N, N