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Predicted Roughness Perception for Simulated Vehicle Interior Noise

ID 27447
Abstract In the past the exterior and interior noise level of vehicles has been largely reduced to follow stricter legislation and due to the demand of the customers. As a consequence, the noise quality and no longer the noise level inside the vehicle plays a crucial role. For an economic development of new powertrains it is important to assess noise quality already in early development stages by the use of simulation. Recent progress in NVH simulation methods of powertrain and vehicle in time and frequency domain provides the basis to pre-calculated sound pressure signals at arbitrary positions in the car interior. Advanced simulation tools for elastic multi-body simulation and novel strategies to measure acoustical transfer paths are combined to achieve this goal.
ISSN ISBN 1946-3936
Volume 5
Journal Nr. 3
Seite von - bis 1524-1532
Monat 12
Status veröffentlicht
Publikationsart Zeitschriftenartikel
Jahr 2012
AutorInnen Sontacchi, A., Höldrich, R., Girstmair, J., Allmaier, H., Bikker, S., Rust, A.
Keywords roughness perception, perception modelling, psycho acoustics