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Sonic interaction design: sound, information and experience

ID 2502
Abstract Sonic Interaction Design (SID) is an emerging field that is positioned at the intersection of auditory display, ubiquitous computing, interaction design, and interactive arts. SID can be used to describe practice and inquiry into any of various roles that sound may play in the interaction loop between users and artifacts, services, or environments, in applications that range from the critical functionality of an alarm, to the artistic significance of a musical creation. This field is devoted to the privileged role the auditory channel can assume in exploiting the convergence of computing, communication, and interactive technologies. An overemphasis on visual displays has constrained the development of interactive systems that are capable of making more appropriate use of the auditory modality. Today the ubiquity of computing and communication resources allows us to think about sounds in a proactive way. This workshop puts a spotlight on such issues in the context of the emerging domain of SID.
Edition CHI '08 extended abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI '08)
Seite von - bis 3969-3972
Monat 09
Ort New York (Vereinigte Staaten (USA))
Anmerkung procedure: peer-reviewed
Status veröffentlicht
Art der Arbeit mixed form
Publikationsart Konferenzband-Beitrag
Jahr 2008
AutorInnen Rocchesso, D., Susini, P., Visell, Y., Serafin, S., Behrendt, F., Bernardini, N., Bresin, R., Eckel, G., Franinovic, K., Hermann, T., Pauletto, S.
EditorInnen Czerwinski, M., Lund, A.