International Call for Compositions - for and with - the IKO!



See you in Graz at ICSA 7-10th Sept. 2017.



OSIL invites soundartists and composers working in the field of computermusic, spatialisation and acousmatic music to compose small pieces of max. 6 minutes length using the Virtual-IKO. For more information see: vIKO and Documentation


Try out the special sculptural spatialisation possibilities of this unique loudspeaker and share your experiences with OSIL and other artists and scientists!

You can find more information about the IKO here: IKOinfo, and the IEM-SONIBLE-IKO




The call will be closed on 24th April 2017.


Please send a download-link with your IKO-composition, title of the piece and a short description (max. 500 words) to:


A Jury will select several pieces and invite composers to use the IKO for a couple of days at the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustic (IEM) Graz to finish their compositons.

All pieces will be published on this website in accordance with the composers to show the variety of ideas, concepts and possibilities working with the IKO and ViKO. For orientation you might like to listen to: mirage 1- 6 


Please note that we can only accept works that have been especially developed with or for the IKO!  



Concert in 2017:  

The invited pieces will be part of the artistic programme of the 4th International Conference on Spatial Audio (ICSA) 2017 and premiered with the IKO in Graz.  


We provide examples of IKO basic moves and beamforming using the modiefied Kronlachner-plugins in a Reaper-Session and the binaural simulation of the ICO in a studio space (vIKO) for download here.

For getting started please read the Documentation.