Call for Applications

Call for Applications

erstellt am 01. Dezember 2022

Simultaneous Arrivals: Artistic Research Residency spring 2023

Simultaneous Arrivals (simularr) is an artistic research project on novel forms of collaborative practices within the PEEK framework of the Austrian Science Fund FWF (AR 714-G), running from 2022 until 2025.

simularr is happy to announce the open call for an artist-researcher to join and complement the team at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (KUG) and Graz University of Technology, Austria, during the first in-situ interval of the project for the period April and May 2023.

Application timeline: Submission deadline is 01 December 2022 (e-mail reception, 24:00 CET). Short-listed applications will be notified on 08 December and invited to an online (Jitsi or Zoom) meeting on 16 December.

About the Project

simularr ( posits a novel mode of collaborative artistic process based on simultaneity and spatiality. These two elements act as ‘basic’ or ‘boundary’ concepts that guide artists working together, preserving diversity and individuality among the group, while binding the process as a whole and bridging boundaries between different practices. We aim to create new aesthetic approaches that reveal the collaborative process without collapsing to a single or synchronised position / object. The project designs methods that facilitate contact among the concurrent artistic processes and understanding how these concepts affect them. What are reference frames that allow to establish a “togetherness, at the same time”, and how do different types of spaces—thought spaces, aesthetic spaces, architectural spaces—and their corresponding modes of spatiality interact and interfere?

Who the Call Addresses

This call is directed at mid-career artists-researchers with prior experience in collaborative approaches and whose work incorporates spatial practices (e.g. intermedia, installation art, sound art, new media art, performing arts). Applicants should be able to demonstrate this through their past work (consistent portfolio / research material). They are capable and interested in exposing and reflecting their process and work through writing, discussion and other forms of discourse. They have an understanding of the field of artistic research, and they are intrigued by developing and sharing new approaches and methods for collaborative artistic practice and research with the team and with other artists-researchers during interval.

How to Apply

The full length call, along with conditions and links to forms, can be found on the project’s website:


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