Johannes Zmölnig, Frank Barknecht, Miller Puckette et al.

Künstlerisches Projekt

First international meeting of pd-developers, artists, users and theorists in Graz, Austria from 27. September to 03. October 2004.

For the first time in the successful history of the multimedia programming language Pure-Data, a group of organisations and individuals are organizing a convention to allow PD developers, users and artists to meet and work for one week.

The convention's activities include lectures, workshops, installations and performances, and allow the exchange of knowledge and discussion of current issues, completed with a huge artistic program. The lectures are being held by a total of 22 PD experts (amongst others): Frank Barknecht, Yves Degoyon, Guenther Geiger, Thomas Grill, Miller Puckette, Tom Schouten, IOhannes M. Zmölnig. Over 20 concerts and art installations are being held during the week. A series of theoretical discussions about media related topics covers the influence on artistic issues.