Getting to Graz

If flights from your destination directed to Graz are expensive, check flights going to Vienna Airport - getting from Vienna to Graz by train takes about 3 hours.

The best option is to take the bus Vienna Airport Lines in direction to "Westbahnhof" and get off at "Wien Dörfelstraße (Meidling Bahnhof)". The bus runs every half an hour (see timetable), takes half an hour and costs 8€ one way. Then take the train from Wien Meidling to Graz Hauptbahnhof. The train runs every hour (see timetable), takes 2h30min and costs 36.70€ one way.

There is also a train from Vienna Airport to Wien Mitte for 12€, but to reach the train to Graz, you need one more transfer from "Wien Mitte" to "Hauptbahnhof" (Central Station).

Public transportation in Graz

The Conference Fees include a ticket for public transport in Graz during the conference.

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Conference Hotels

We reserved a contingent of rooms in two hotels:

Hotel StarInn: € 74 incl. breakfast for the double room (used by one person) or € 92 (used by two persons), instead of € 82 / € 105 per room and night. Hotel Starinn is closest to the workshop & think tank venue (10 min walk), and 20 minutes walk to conference venue.

Hotel Gollner: € 105 incl. breakfast for a Business single room per night and person. Hotel Gollner is closest to the main conference venue (5 min walk) and very central in town, and there is a direct tram to the other venues.

The contingents are kept until first of June 2015. Please indicate the name of the contingent to get the special price: "ICAD2015". After first of June, rooms can still be booked by availability.

Budget accommodation

For budget accommodation we suggest two hostels that are quite new and next to the train station. The conference venue can be reached directly by tram number 6 (ca. 15 minutes ride plus 5 minutes walk).

Booking portal

Graz Tourism provides a  web-site for making reservations (including last-minute offers!):


Activities in Graz

Styriarte : )

Some of you might be interested in the festival for (mostly) classical music, Styriarte, taking place June 26 - July 26 in Graz (and surroundings), with Nicolaus Harnoncourt and other stars involved. It is advisable to book early!

Is there a secret for the success of the styriarte Festival? No, on the contrary, the recipe is very simple: take Nikolaus Harnoncourt, one of the few real super stars in the world of conductors, and invite him to return to his home city every summer to realise projects that are close to his heart: the rediscovery of grand music which has faded under the dust of routine and habit. Take the most beautiful venues Graz has to offer, from the magnificent Eggenberg Castle with its splendid park areas to the Helmut List concert hall with its advanced technical facilities and superb acoustics. And orchestrate a series of concerts around the central figure of Harnoncourt where the crème de la crème of international concerts podiums produce extraordinary music in a sometimes unusual and surprising manner.

Each year’s festival takes place under a specific theme. The 2015 styriarte Festival has taken up the smiley symbol for coining this year’s motto: “…and laughed”. Humour and wit are obviously in the centre of this year’s programme. And they can be as diverse as the festival’s programme, sometimes as exuberant as in Rossini’s buffonesque opera “The Barber of Seville”, sometimes as subtle as in Erasmus of Rotterdam’s “The Praise of Folly”, which is taken up by the Catalan musical magician Jordi Savall in one extraordinary evening. Nikolaus Harnoncourt himself builds the greatest arc of suspense, starting with Beethoven’s majestic “Missa solemnis” and finishing with Haydn’s mischievous Symphony No. 97.

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