Pd-L2Ork as an Age-Agnostic Rapid Prototyping and Learning Environment


Pd-L2Ork is a fork of the ubiquitous Pure-Data and more specifically pd-extended. Introduced in 2009 as part of Virginia Tech's Linux Laptop Orchestra (L2Ork) initiative, Pd-L2Ork focuses on usability with features like system-wide presets, infinite undo, SVG-based canvas, expanded documentation with a search database, numerous patching shortcuts and improvements, and a collection of new objects. More recently, it also incorporates the K12 learning module geared towards elementary, middle, and high-school kids. The K12 module has been used Maker camps and similar interactive learning environments. It offers seamless interfacing with Nintendo controllers, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi's GPIO (including PWM) and i2c interfaces.

As part of the workshop, participants will have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the latest features of Pd-L2Ork, including its newfound visualization capabilities, and seamless integration into embedded solutions like Raspberry Pi. They will be also provided with an easy way of expanding the K-12 (Kindergarten to 12th grade, also known as a starter) library, as well as strategies for optimal utilization of pd-l2ork's resources in terms of sonification, and sound diffusion. Finally, we will cover strategies implemented specifically within the context of the Linux Laptop Orchestra (L2Ork), K-12 education including Maker programs, and embedded computing, including interactive art installations.

Apart from the Linux Laptop Orchestra (L2Ork), Pd-L2Ork has been used in over half-dozen digital instrument building Maker camps, Raspberry Pi Orchestra summer gifted program, a number of interactive installations including the 50 Raspberry Pi community designed "Cloud", as well as a growing number of research projects. It has been also adopted internationally by over half-dozen Universities for similar laptop orchestra and K-12 learning initiatives. Pd-L2Ork is being actively developed by a collection of developers and contributors around the world.

While Pd-L2Ork is appropriate for nearly all ages, this workshop is primarily geared towards:

*Researchers interested in exploring Pd-L2Ork as a research, development, and prototyping platform
*Teachers who may be interested in introducing Maker-like initiatives at their schools and universities, and developers interested in broadening the K-12 library
*Pure-Data beginners and professionals looking to expand their creative language with features unique to Pd-L2Ork

Questions? Contact Dr. Ivica Ico Bukvic


The Workshop will focus primarily on the Linux platform (laptop and Raspberry Pi). Participants will be expected to bring their own laptops. Options for Windows and Mac users in a form of a bootable USB stick will be provided.