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Auswirkung der Abstrahlcharakteristik auf die Klangfarbe von Querflöten und Saxofonen

Authors Baumgartner, R., Messner, E.
Year 2010
Thesis Type Bachelor's thesis
Topic Audio Signal Processing
Keywords audio recording
Abstract This bachelor thesis analyses the directivity of flutes and saxophones. Within two diploma thesis at the IEM a 64-channel spherical microphone array was developed and enhanced by an algorithm for acoustic centering. Measurements using this construction results three-dimensional radiation-patterns. The theoretical background for the required computations is also treated in this work. To examine the suitability of the measurement device, first considerations are made on flutes and outcomes are compared with already existing knowledge. Whereas for saxophones no comparable research on this topic was found, new knowledge is obtained. The researches for the saxophone are made on the soprano saxophone, because for acoustical aspects it is easier to convey considerations on straight design. Also the centering algorithm is applied on the measurement results and its suitability is shown.
Supervisors Sontacchi, A.