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Implementation of the CUBE-Mixer for touchscreen-based input

Authors Venus, P.
Year 2010
Thesis Type Audio Engineering project
Topic Interaction Design
Keywords Audio, acoustics, audio recording and reproduction
Abstract The use of touchscreen based input-devices leads to various possibilities in controlling complex structures more seizable and intuitive. In the context of art and technology this can be particularly requestet to enable the creator to focus more on the artistic outcome. With this project, a new graphical user-interface for the CUBE-Mixer will be implemented. The purpose is to meet the special requirements of touchscreen-based user-input. The whole process of development is user oriented and based around the dialogue with potential users of the mixer like composers and sound designers. Therefore it is possible to consider, what properties of the interface are important as well as what other functions are reasonable to be implemented in the mixer. In addition, the integration of tools for parameter-automation will be part of this project.
Supervisors Zmölnig, J.