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Experiments on auditory objects of the icosahedral loudspeaker array

Authors Linke, J.
Year 2017
Thesis Type Audio Engineering project
Topic Sound and Space
Keywords acoustics, psychoacoustics
Abstract When using the icosahedral loudspeaker array (IKO) as an instrument, sound reflections are used consciously to create distinct auditory objects. The perceived distance of such objects to the IKO is signal-dependent because of the precedence effect. In the course of working with the IKO it appeared, that using masked sounds can minimize the precedence effect, resulting in an increased distance of projection of the IKO. The artist Gerriet K. Sharma found out categories to describe complex objects consisting of multiple, partly moving auditory objects. He uses terms deduced from the theory of sculpture, which enables intersubjective perception of these sound phenomena. In this study the effects of maskers on the IKOs projection distance will be analyzed. Subsequently listening tests to sculptural phenomena will be developed, which apply to Sharma's composed miniatures in form of qualitative perception categories and quantitative terms.
Supervisors Wendt, F., Sharma-Thiel, G., Zotter, F., Frank, M.