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Enhancement of liveness

Authors Fukuda, T.
Year 2016
Thesis Type Master's thesis
Topic Interaction Design
Keywords Live Elektronik, composition, Game, Computer Music
Abstract This thesis deals with the enhancement of liveness in musical composition. The emergence of reproductive devices and broadcasting have altered the quality of one’s listening experience from a social activity, in which a listener shares their musical experience with other community members, to a personal activity, which is not shared by anyone else. In hopes of creating a more communicable society, the author suggests a strategy of “Dynamic Structure” for composing a piece of music. This strategy derives compositions whose structures aren‘t fixed before a performance starts, but generated according to unique elements in the specific space at the specific time where a performance is ongoing such as room acoustics and quality of performer. This thesis introduces five different approaches that the author has worked on in the enhancement of uniqueness in a live setting: Sensor instrumental performance, Open Interaction, Pseudo-Agent, Constrained Interaction and Game Piece. As a creation practice, design of my sensor instrument, my sound installation (Candle Organ), my mixed music compositions (Beyond the eternal chaos, Audible Playground and Tongue-Twister Competition) are used.
Supervisors Ciciliani, M., Eckel, G.