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Authors Bereuter, P.
Year 2018
Thesis Type Bachelor's thesis
Topic Spatial Audio
Abstract The present bachelor thesis is subdivided into two major chapters. The first one deals with the documentation of sound power calculations which were conducted by means of the software application Matlab. Before the calculation process in Matlab is elaborated, theoretical backgrounds and comparisons with relevant norms are discussed. The sound power calculations as well as the discussion of the findings exclusively relate to a head and torso simulator which was measured in a special double circle microphone array. An explanation of the necessary data elaboration can be found in the subchapter following the theoretical background. The same microphone array was used to produce vocal recordings: These were used to examine changes of timbre dependent on different directions. The second chapter of this thesis deals with this topic. The analysis of timbres is carried out with the help of audio descriptors which were calculated by means of a toolbox in Matlab which was especially designed for this purpose. The second chapter, similar to the first one, comprises a survey of theoretical backgrounds which is followed by a subchapter on data processing where the editing/postprocessing of the recordings are summed up. Eventually, the structure of the Matlab Code used for the calculation of the audio descriptors is cited. Additionally, the actual analysis of timbres and tones is carried out in chapter “findings“. Firstly, the purpose of the present thesis is to find a simple method of the calculation of sound power in the double circle microphone array and document its precision by estimating errors. Moreover, Matlab shall be used to find a systematic method to analyse the timbres and tones of the vocal recordings in the double circle microphone array. The thesis concludes with a list of positive and negative aspects accompanying the use of the Matlab-toolbox designed for the analysis of timbres.
Supervisors Sontacchi, A.