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The Kinect distance sensor as human-machine-interface in audio-visual art projects

Authors Kronlachner, M.
Year 2012
Thesis Type Audio Engineering project
Topic Interaction Design
Abstract For several years now, the entertainment and gaming industry has been providing multifunctional and cheap human interface devices which can be used for artistic applications. Since November 2010 a sensor called Kinect™ for Microsoft’s XBox 360™ is avail- able. This input device is used as color camera, microphone array, and provides as an industry-first, a depth image camera at an affordable price. As part of the project Pure Data/Gem externals have been developed which allow access to the video and audio streams of the Kinect sensor. By including a framework for Natural Interaction (OpenNI), methods can be used for user identification or the extraction of skeletal models from the depth image. The video streams and motion data produced by the sensor, in combination with the software, is used in multimedia art projects for controlling sounds and video projections. The documentation of these art projects and examples of the usage concerning the developed Pure Data externals make up the practical part of this project.
Supervisors Zmölnig, J.