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The influence of different reflection properties on the precedence effect

Authors Wegler, K.
Year 2018
Thesis Type Master's thesis
Topic Psychoacoustics
Keywords Klang und Raum
Abstract The precedence effect refers to a group of phenomena where the direct sound dominates the perception. Studies concerning the precedence effect mainly use specular reflections to investigate the influence of reflection characteristics like absorption, time delays or directions of arrival. The sound field reflected on real-life wall is partly scattered into angles other than the specular reflection angle, yielding a spatial and temporal widening of the reflection. In this context the scattering coefficient describes the portion of energy reflected to other directions than the specular direction. This thesis shall investigate the strength of the precedence effect by testing the echo threshold of diffuse reflections. Listening tests will be performed and the obtained data will be used to enhance models for the echo suppression.
Supervisors Wendt, F., Höldrich, R.