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Ein- und mehrkanalige Ausfallsverschleierung für die digitale Drahtlosübertragung von Audiosignalen

Authors Falch, C.
Year 2007
Thesis Type Doctoral thesis
Topic Audio Signal Processing
Abstract Wireless transmission provides a basis for a number of products used in electro-acoustics and audio engineering. Particularly with professional equipment a trend towards complete digital systems is recognisable. Yet these wireless transmission systems are not resistant against interferences that occur along the radio link. Interferences may result in a total signal dropout and thus, must be compensated for incorporating appropriate concealment techniques. In real time systems, the size of a dropout as well as the beginning of a missing signal portion denote unknown variable parameters. The reconstruction of erroneous data is based on methods that on one hand take into consideration the signal's properties and of the other hand the characteristics of the dropouts. Proper fundamental techniques are linear, adaptive and extrapolating procedures. They apply an appropriately defined model to the known signal samples to generate an estimation of the unknown samples. This work investigates realisations like the linear prediction error filter for single-channel, adaptive filters for multi-channel and substitution techniques for both single- and multi-channel dropout concealment concepts.
Supervisors Höldrich, R., Kubin, G.