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Entwicklung eines Lästigkeitsindex für Straßenverkehrslärm

Authors Cik, M.
Year 2014
Thesis Type Diploma thesis
Topic Psychoacoustics
Keywords signal processing, acoustics
Abstract At present, according to the current standards and calculation specifications, the impact of the traffic noise is represented by the A-weighted equivalent mean continuous sound pressure level (L A,eq ). In our opinion, this dimension considers too little the subjective perception and evaluation of sound events by the affected. The aim of our study "Index of annoyance for road traffic noise" a co-project of the Technical University of Graz, Institute of Highway Engineering and Transportation Planning with the University of Music and Dramatic Arts of Graz, Institute for Electronic Music and Acoustics was to establish a powerful instrument to describe the subjective interfering effect of the noise on human beings more accurately. In the context of this project this diploma thesis was accomplished as a preliminary study for the "Index of annoyance for road traffic noise". It was found out in a detailed literature search, which methods for the annoyance in the traffic in the scientific literature are present. Further the adaptation of the psychoacoustic laboratory for hearing attempts at the Institute of Highway Engineering and Transportation Planning and traffic accomplished. By means of stereophonic recording technologies (Head Measurement System) became a data base for different vehicle noises in different categories (motor vehicle type, speed, road surfacing, traffic volume, etc.) provided. Also a distance transformation was modeled by digital signal processing by vehicle past travels. In planning and execution of the psychoacoustic preliminary test became different investigations with a reduced noise ensemble and a small number of test subjects (test of the Setups, test of the presentation form, scale level, validity, etc.) accomplished and on basis of psychoacoustic parameters analyzed. The aim of the study is it to accomplish from the preliminary test, which was compiled in the diploma thesis a psychoacoustic hearing attempt with a large number of attempt persons and to develop from it derived an "Index of annoyance for road traffic noise".
Supervisors Höldrich, R.