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Development of a Sound Projection Prototype

Authors Keller, B.
Year 2015
Thesis Type Master's thesis
Topic Spatial Audio
Abstract This master thesis describes the development and construction of a novel loudspeaker array that creates highly directional sound radiation on a spherical section. This section is flanked by sound hard boundaries which confine radiation to the spherical section. Limiting possible radiation to a spherical section strongly increases the spatial resolution, while the number of loudspeakers is the same as with a full-sphere array. The beam pattern is composed of harmonic functions especially derived for this spherical section. A suitable combination of these harmonics results in beamforming. The ambition is to aim these sound beams against the wall to excite directed reflection paths. In analogy to video projection the point of acoustic impact should be perceived as the origin of a spherical wave. For this purpose, wall reflection must preferably be diffuse. The finite-length boundary’s influence on beam steering will be investigated. Is it possible to use this sonic projection instrument as a means of 2D spatialisation if the wall reflection is only diffuse?
Supervisors Zotter, F., Pomberger, H., Höldrich, R.