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The Augmented Drumstick

Authors Zanini, V.
Year 2019
Thesis Type Master's thesis
Topic Interaction Design
Keywords Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Sound Design
Abstract Electronic music and live electronics have definitely expanded the sound possibilities but have also led to several discussions about musical performance. This master thesis focuses on the problem of combining acoustic sound with live electronics when playing an instrument such as the drums without interfering with the musical performance. The present master thesis gives an overview of the context of controllers for live electronics with a focus on drums. The research part explores the topic of augmented instruments and the importance of performativity and expressiveness in the area of live electronics. The result of this work is the development of a new augmented drumstick, a music controller that allows the performer to broaden the sound and performance capabilities when playing an instrument such as the drums, where all limbs are involved. With the presented result, the usage of the newly developed technology does not limit the musical drum performance, but rather augments it.
Supervisors Gründler, J.