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Influence of the form factor on the pitch of glides

Authors Kerle, L.
Year 2018
Thesis Type Bachelor's thesis
Topic Psychoacoustics
Keywords Frequency glides, sonification
Abstract This thesis deals with the investigation of the so-called glides. Glides are short sound impulses that change their instantaneous frequency either in ascending or descending direction and are characterized by their duration, by the frequency span the glide runs through and by the arithmetic mean of the frequency span. But this frequency span is not perceived for each glide. For glides with sufficiently small durations and frequency spans only one single pitch is evoked by the glide. This perceived pitch is not automatically the frequency at the temporal center of the glide. The larger the duration-bandwidth-product of the glide is, the higher is the tendency to perceive a pitch near the final frequency of the glide. To investigate the perceived pitch a listening experiment is carried out in which various glides with different durations, bandwidths and arithmetic center frequencies are tested. But before the listening experiment is described, a short review of the existing literature and the found facts will be given. Subsequently the listening experiment is described in which various form factors were examined. These form factors influence the course of the instantaneous frequency. For various form factors two glides with identical duration, arithmetic center frequency and bandwidth but different direction are compared to each other. It is the main objective of this thesis to find a certain form for the up-glide and the down-glide to perceive the same pitch for both glides. Afterwards a statistical analysis is carried out to show the significance of the achieved results. In conclusion further investigations are explained that could be carried out based on the obtained outcome.
Supervisors Höldrich, R.