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Reciprocal Measurement of Transfer Functions Using a Volume Velocity Source

Authors Bissardella, F.
Year 2012
Thesis Type Diploma thesis
Topic Audio Signal Processing
Keywords acoustics, signal processing
Abstract The principle of reciprocity is exploited here in order to gain (vibro-)acoustic transfer functions that potentially offer a better discrimination of the spatial axes and are achieved much faster than their directly measured counterpart. Although the principle is well known in acoustics, few publications deal with its practicability in road vehicles. This is remedied in small steps, comparing reciprocal and direct approach for both the acoustic and the vibroacoustic case in small validation experiments. Alongside, the theoretical limitations and presumptions of reciprocity, which are already widely verified, are presented. Furthermore, an application measurement in an actual vehicle shows the real potential of the reciprocal method. The obtained correlation between direct and reciprocal measurement shows that it is a viable alternative to the conventional technique. The only limitation is the attainable energy output of the sound source and the sensitivity of accelerometers in relation to the quality of the transmission path.
Supervisors Sontacchi, A., Brandl, S.