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Phantom Sources using Multiple Loudspeakers in the Horizontal Plane

Authors Frank, M.
Year 2013
Thesis Type Doctoral thesis
Topic Spatial Audio
Keywords Ambisonics, Aufnahme- und Wiedergabetechnik, binaural, acoustics, Surround
Abstract This work investigates phantom sources created by amplitude panning in the horizontal plane. Although there exist models about the perception of phantom sources in literature, their experimental evidence for panning methods that use more than two simultaneously active loudspeakers is rare. The listening experiments in this work contribute to close this gap by investigating localization, source width and coloration of phantom sources using multiple loudspeakers in the horizontal plane. All experiments are performed using pink noise in a typical studio environment. Besides the comparison of the experimental results to existing models, some models are adapted to improve their applicability, and new models are developed.
Supervisors Höldrich, R., Blauert, J.