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Implementierung des Granularsynthesegenerators FOG in PD

Authors Springer, E.
Year 2005
Thesis Type Audio Engineering project
Topic Audio Signal Processing
Keywords signal processing, sound synthesis, Audio, Software
Abstract Two different goals are targeted in this project: Porting FOG, a granular-synthesis tool developed for Max/MSP to PD on the one hand, and evaluation of the crossplatform-development layer „flext“ on the other. Flext comprises of a software-layer abstracting the development of externals to be used in Max and PD, so one source-code can be used for both Max- and PD-externals, linking to different libraries. In addition to abstracting the calling-interfaces of Max and PD, flext converts these interfaces to a c++-interface. To evaluate the usability of flext, FOG will be ported in 2 different ways: · Using flext, so porting the FOG to c++ · Direct porting using #ifdef-commands and the like By comparing the effort and the amount of necessary code-changes, we will be able to evaluate the usability of flext in dependence of the project to be ported. Furthermore, the help-patches to FOG will be extended, resulting in a tutorial to easily get a grip on using FOG. During these porting-tasks, 10-year-old FOG will be checked for possible improvements; eg. the algorithm for interpolation will be improved. So the result of the project will comprise: · Portable source-code of FOG as well as the externals for PD and Max, using Windows-, Mac-and linux (PD only) platform · Extended help-patches · A detailed evaluation of flext-usability · "Coding guidelines" for developing PD/Max-externals, focusing on pain-free portability
Supervisors Eckel, G.