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Calculation and Validation of the Noise Emission of Electric Machines

Authors Reitz, L.
Year 2018
Thesis Type Master's thesis
Topic Audio Signal Processing
Keywords technical acoustics
Abstract The recent development of more powerful computers makes the simulation of electrical engines as data source for the computation of its noise emission, as opposed to measurements on the real object, more and more attractive. This work shall contribute to the response to the question to what extent Finite Element Method (FEM) based Multi-Body-Simulation (MBS) computation and noise emission computation are suited for qualitative and quantitative assessment of electric machines and where there is need for further research. At the focal point there are objective criteria such as torsional oscillation, level of structure-borne noise and noise level. Especially the accuracy of results, frequency range, model accuracy, and model depth should be put in the center of attention. A comparison of simulation results and existing measurement results is therefore executed. The simulation is carried out using a SIMULINK-model in combination with a commercial MBS-tool. Within the Multi-Body-Simulation the excitation of the chassis originating from the magnetic field is considered and from there first the structure-borne noise on the stator surface and subsequently the air-borne noise are calculated. The master’s thesis is conducted on behalf of and in cooperation with AVL List GmbH.
Supervisors Sontacchi, A., Pomberger, H.