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Authors Sharma-Thiel, G.
Year 2016
Thesis Type Doctoral thesis
Topic Algorithmic Composition
Abstract This thesis includes a practical and theoretical investigation into electroacoustic space-sound phenomena, plastic sound objects [González-Arroyo, 2012], previously little researched. Over the last 60 years these have increasingly appeared in certain sound projection techniques in the field of computer music. A special loudspeaker system developed by the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics (IEM) at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, the icosahedral loudspeaker, has been used and further developed for this purpose. The focus of all of the artistic research endeavours is the question of “Shared Perceptual Space” (SPS), the space in acousmatic music [Chion, 2009, 144] within which the perceptions of composers, scientists and audience intersect in respect of three-dimensional sound objects. The research aims to use artistic actions in order to demarcate this space or to trigger its formation. To do so it repeatedly implements a three-phase process: within the context of a series of progressively evolving electroacoustic compositions, the plastic qualities of these sound phenomena are explored. Parallel to the compositional process, an attempt will be made to find the language to establish generalisable descriptions of the objects produced. Research into existing terminologies and their application was employed to this end. Further to this, these terms were reviewed in an attempt to classify the researcher’s own compositional process. Additionally, engineering sciences were used to simulate and explain the artistically produced spatial sound phenomenon in psychoacoustic terms with listening tests, measurements and virtual modelling. The resultantly interlocked descriptions and also collisions of perceptions gradually informed the ensuing compositional process and led to an expanded understanding and a different practice of artistic work with these phenomena.
Supervisors Ciciliani, M., Höldrich, R., Stroppa, M., Ungeheuer, E.