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Beamforming mit einem Miniatur Line Array

Authors Siller, C.
Year 2010
Thesis Type Audio Engineering project
Topic Spatial Audio
Abstract The line array-technique is often applied in live sound propagation (modern PA- systems) and is becoming more and more important. The production of high quality miniature loudspeakers and the resulting ability to produce mini line arrays opens up a new field of application and new research fields for applied electroacoustic. Modern signal processing technique makes it possible to increase the performance of some mini line arrays and to enlarge the range of application. The aim of this project is to measure the impulse response of the miniature loudspeakers. After the evaluation of the results, options for controlling miniature line arrays are demonstrated and proposals for a practical application are shown. Therefore, beamforming methods for these arrays habe been invastigated by simulations in MATLAB using the measured data. In particular known methods as Delay & Sum-Beamforming, and MVDR are demonstrated and implemented.
Supervisors Zotter, F.