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Schuhplattler vs. Elektroplattler

Authors Mayer, F.
Year 2010
Thesis Type Bachelor's thesis
Topic Embodiment
Abstract The origins of schuhplattling are found in an early courtship display (Balztanz). Characteristically the dancers will strike their tights, knees and soles of the feet rhythmically to usually ¾ time music! If you have ever seen a schuhplattling group, you think of a musician playing the harmonica and dancing performers. Dance shows a kind of expression of your body and also will infect the audience, either like music does! Now imagine, one person combines them both, the musician and the performer! There are many methods such as the EyeCon, the Very Nervous System, the NOTAM Controller suit and the Yamaha Miburi™, which interprets human movement and maps this information to sound and music. Would it be possible to construct a system which merges musician and performer? Is there embodiment, if someone generates music, with his body, to do a schuhplattling at the same time? Let us start a mind experiment!
Supervisors Eckel, G.