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Evaluation and extension of a binaural loudness scaling method for cochlear implant listeners

Authors Kapeller, R.
Year 2017
Thesis Type Master's thesis
Topic Sound and Space
Keywords psychoacoustics
Abstract The generation of individual sound zones offers new possibilities for audio playback. Zones where an audio material should be audible are defined as bright zones, and zones where the same material is inaudible are defined as dark zones. Different algorithms to generate soundzones were introduced in literature: time reversal mirror (TRM), brightness control (BC), acoustic contrast control (ACC), acoustic energy difference maximization (AEDM), planarity control (PC), and pressure matching (PM). In this thesis, the suggested methods are simulated and practically implemented in an anechoic room using a 32 channel circular loudspeaker array surrounding the sound zones. For evaluation, measured quantities (acoustic contrast, control effort, planarity) and perceptual attributes characterizing the spatial and sound quality are used. The perceptual attributes are found with an elicitation process employing experienced listeners. The results from formal listening experiments are then discussed. Finally, the methods are implemented and evaluated for a 24 channel loudspeaker hemisphere and a 20 channel compact loudspeaker array in reflective environment.
Supervisors Höldrich, R., Zaunschirm, M.