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Timing-improved Guitar Loop Pedal based on Beat Tracking

Authors Rudrich, D.
Year 2017
Thesis Type Master's thesis
Topic Audio Signal Processing
Abstract Loop pedals become more and more popular due to their growing features and capabilities - not only in live performances, but also as a rehearsal tool. These pedals are effect units which record a played phrase and play it back unchanged and repetitiously. However, when the start and stop cues of the recording are not entered with right timing, an audible gap may occur at every iteration. This thesis proposes an algorithm, which analysis the recorded phrase and aligns start and stop positions to beats found by the analysis. The audibility of said gaps were investigated within two listening tests. Subjects with musical background performed significantly better in detecting rhythm perturbances. The average threshold of musicians found was 5.4% of the inter onset interval of tone bursts, outperforming the non-musicians (9.0%) remarkably. The found thresholds were used to evaluate the algorithm’s performance.
Supervisors Sontacchi, A., Höldrich, R.