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Kommunizieren mit Stille

Authors Breuner, E.
Year 2020
Thesis Type Master's thesis
Topic Sound and Space
Keywords Sound Design, sparsity
Abstract Silence (Quietness) is an ambivalent concept that cannot make use of a general definition. It is accompanied by a whole range of interpretations, not exclusively a form of interpretation. The master's thesis takes up this multifaceted concept and considers silence (quietness) as a means of sound design in film. In this sense, it is the task of the master's thesis to classify silence (quietness) according to the context in a meaningful way and to make it comprehensible as a narrative stylistic device. Silence (Quietness) can appear in different ways; depending on the genre, sound design will pursue different creative interests. Although not directly related to it, the idea of the master's thesis is to encourage listening, like Murray Schafer once did, to discover silence and to fathom its dramaturgical potential.
Supervisors Ciciliani, M., Groß-Vogt, K.