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Subjektive Evaluierung von Mikrofonen

Authors Semmler, B.
Year 2008
Thesis Type Diploma thesis
Topic Psychoacoustics
Keywords audio recording
Abstract In general, the customers evaluate the quality of microphones individually and subjectively. Within this thesis, several listening tests are designed in order to obtain objective statements. Adequate statistical analysis methods are applied to the data. The subjects evaluate the microphones with respect to their differences in timbre and their subjective preferences. The following questions are discussed: “How can we place these microphones that differ in the quality of sound in the perceptual space of the listener? How can we label the parameters that characterize the differences? Which microphones are preferred and how is this explained?” An appropriate frame construction holding the microphones is designed for simultaneous recordings that ensure an equitable comparison of the microphones. Two generally different listening tests are developed and carried out by a sizable test panel of expert listeners (at the IEM Graz and at AKG Vienna). The statistical analysis of the tests comprises mainly the Analysis of Variances (ANOVA), the Principle Component Analysis (PCA), the Regression Analysis and the Multidimensional Scaling (MDS). By the diversity of approach both of the listening tests and the statistical analysis, the differences in sound are observed in different views. Thereby we try to distinguish what a “well sounding microphone” might be.
Supervisors Höldrich, R., Noisternig, M., Opitz, M., Lehdorfer, H.