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Aufnahme und Wiedergabesystem zur Berechnung eines dynamisch modifizierbaren binauralen Signalpaares

Authors Leitner, S.
Year 2000
Thesis Type Diploma thesis
Topic Spatial Audio
Keywords audio recording, audio reproduction, binaural, signal processing
Abstract This thesis deals with various methods of 3D – sound reproduction via headphones with the aim of a recording and reproduction system. Psychoacoustic basics and fundamental directional hearing mechanisms of the human auditory system are considered at first. A central point in this context is the importance of small head movements during localisation of a small sound source in natural hearing. Firstly computing binaural signals with beamforming, secondly with Ambisonic and Holophony is examined. The advantage of Ambsionic is the possibility to update the headphone signals according to head position in a computational efficient way. The holophonic sound pick up is a possibility to obtain the Ambisonic signals from a practical point of view.
Supervisors Höldrich, R.