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Evaluation of a proper measurement environment to determine directivity characteristics of the singing voice

Authors Kocher, L.
Year 2019
Thesis Type Audio Engineering project
Topic Audio Signal Processing
Keywords radiation pattern, acoustics
Abstract Voice directivity depends on many factors e.g. morphology: head and body shape, oral posture and vocal tract configuration for different phonemes. In this project the sound radiation patterns of singing voice and the sound power is measured utilizing the double circular microphone array (DCMA). It consists of two perpendicular circular rings, one placed in the horizontal and the other in the vertical plane. The measurement environment is implemented in Pure Data including audio and video recording as well as head position and mouth tracking. Directivity patterns are analyzed and visualized with adapted tools of the iem-DirPat repository. The measurement procedure uses the ”glissando method". Therefore, the singer will be asked to sit in the center of the DCMA setup and sing a vowel with four different mouth openings while raising the pitch from an adequate frequency over one octave. In order to provide a reproducible and reliable measurement routine a tracking system and video capturing will be used. Optical tracking sensors are placed in order to measure the oral posture and center position of the singer. This allows to validate the measurement and gives valuable information of the used mouth opening for a given phoneme. The video recording is used to validate the mouth tracking performance of the developed approach.
Supervisors Brandner, M.