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Entwicklung eines Mehrkanaligen Systems für eine virtuelle Raumakustik

Authors Krejci, P.
Year 2001
Thesis Type Diploma thesis
Topic Spatial Audio
Keywords audio reproduction, signal processing
Abstract The essential basics of the room acoustics are discussed. Thereby parameters are investigated, which are used for the description and assessement of the room acoustic. Furthermore existing electroacoustical enhancement sytems are introduced by comparing the two basic principles - in line and non in line sytems. For the different demands, which occured during the work, a room acoustic simulation program, based on the mirror principle, was developed. With this program standard rooms can be simulated as well as user defined room proportions (with some restrictions). An auralisation of the constructed room is possible, too. According to simulation tests to compensate the early room reflections, which play a decisive role in affecting the room perception, a new approach is discussed. This approach reduces the influence of the reproduction room by the use of inverse filters. The calculation of the filters is discussed in the frequency and time domain. The advantage of this approach is, that the relation of the source- and compensation signal can be regulated separately.
Supervisors Sontacchi, A.