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Ear Training Adventure - Design und Umsetzung eines Audio Games

Authors Reiter, M.
Year 2019
Thesis Type Bachelor's thesis
Topic Interaction Design
Keywords Game
Abstract This bachelor thesis was written in the context of the seminar "Computermusik und Medienkunst“ by the Institut for Electronic Music and Acoustics at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz. The central topic discussed in this seminar was "audio games“. This kind of game forms a subgenre of digital games. In contrast to video games they tend to focus less on visual components and emphasize on auditive perception. Thus the role of sound, which in most instances is limited to setting the mood in a game, becomes an essential element of the experience. Motive for creating the audio game "Ear Training Adventures“ were courses in the curriculum of "Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering“ which require students to develop a musical sense of hearing. Preparing for exams in an efficient way is often a difficult task according to students attending those programs. The possibility to implement ear training exercises in the domain of computer games is a chance to combine learning and training with the joyful elements of a computer game. The aim is to create a compelling experience through which the users ear developes the desired skills as a byproduct. The theoretical background of this thesis consists of the discussion of the terms "game“ and "meaningful playing or gaming“ which are also put in the context of video games. Furthermore a glimpse into the theory of ear training and music theory is given. The main part of the thesis describes the process of designing and creating the game itself. First the concept and the design of general rules and goals are introduced. Then the implementation in the game engine "Unity“ is depicted and eventually the ocurring challenges and problems are examined and some possible ideas for further development are listed.
Supervisors Zmölnig, J.