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Entwicklung eines akustischen Prüfstandes zur Schallemissionsmessung kleiner elektrischer Geräte

Authors Müller, M.
Year 2017
Thesis Type Master's thesis
Topic Sonification
Abstract Most machines that include moving or vibrating parts produce sound detectable by the human hearing. Standardized sound power level measurement methods of any machine in industrial manufacturing environments is either done in reverberation chambers or anechoic rooms, both of which generally demand large spaces and are very costly for the company operating it, especially in case of anechoic environments. This master thesis explores the possibility of measuring the sound power levels of small devices like kitchen equipment and mechanical components of larger devices in spaces of about a cubic meter. To this end a suitable measurement chamber was designed and crafted to perform experiments on a sample device. This device was beforehand measured using standardized methods in a low-reverberant room to establish reference values. Loudspeakers were integrated in the chamber to examine its acoustical properties. The findings of these examinations served as a basis for the development of correction strategies for sound power level measurements inside the chamber. Finally the established strategies were applied on a chamber measurement of the sample device and the results were brought into comparison with the free field reference values.
Supervisors Weselak, W.