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Interstices - Zwischenräume. An interactive sound installation: Design, implementation, evaluation

Authors Kapeller, R.
Year 2016
Thesis Type Audio Engineering project
Topic Algorithmic Composition
Abstract This project report examines the process of designing, implementing, staging and evaluating the interactive sound installation Interstices - Zwischenräume. The goal was to create an installation that alters the acoustic environment, providing various and changing acoustic responses, either imitating real world acoustics or evoking completely new auditory perspectives. As the installation reacts to sound, visitors were encouraged to walk through the installation space and to use the provided objects to produce sound, in order to change the state of the installation and eventually the whole acoustic environment. During the designing phase, dierent algorithms and tools were developed, scenarios were designed and explored, and an interaction pattern based on physical modelling was realized and ne-tuned. We will document the exploratory process, presenting the encountered problems and the applied solutions. Further, this work documents the results of an evaluation of the visitors' experiences using grounded theory.
Supervisors Pirrò, D.