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Localisation of loudspeaker and determination of room dimensions by means of the spatial decomposition method

Authors Zeller, B.
Year 2016
Thesis Type Audio Engineering project
Topic Spatial Audio
Keywords acoustics, Ambisonics, audio recording, signal processing, surround sound
Abstract There are several compact microphone arrays available which can be used for surround recordings in first order providing a good quality of the microphone capsules and a satisfying signal-to-noise ratio. In comparison to more complex and more expensive microphone arrays with higher order, these systems suffer from a strong limitation in spatial resolution. As a result, the measured impulse responses lack the representation of spatial depth. The Spatial Decomposition Method (SDM) provides the possibility to increase the spatial resolution of first-order impulse responses by detecting and re-assigning of directions for each sampling instance. Due to possibly fast changes in direction between following samples, not only spatial but also timbral variations can occur. This work examines the impact on sound caused by the changes of direction and the achievable spatial accuracy in dependence of the interpolation time of SDM and the order.
Supervisors Frank, M.