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Soundtrack vor Schnitt - Neukonzeption des Audio-Postproduktions-Prozesses

Authors Fehringer, B.
Year 2017
Thesis Type Master's thesis
Topic Interaction Design
Abstract This thesis is about the organisation of the audio-postproduction. In order not to be delayed by the filmcut it should be possible to preproduce a certain amount of the postproduction. It is assumed that the screenplay contains enough information, to create specific sounds beforehand. With those sounds it should be possible to arrange a complete soundtrack for the film. Therefore an audio-project in full-length will be designed and combined with the film afterwards. The success of the new workflow depends on the amount of redudant work and the time of adjustments needed. Running parallel there will be a second post-production on another film where the pictures are already available and the sounds are designed directly on them. In this way the two different workflows can be compared. Expectations are an increase in creative freedom and overall quality due to the reduction of workload in the postproduction-phase.
Supervisors Fabianek, A.