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Optimierung eines Blind Upmix Binaural Systems für die Kopfhörerwiedergabe

Authors Wörle, A.
Year 2006
Thesis Type Diploma thesis
Topic Spatial Audio
Keywords audio reproduction
Abstract During this work an already existing technique for stereo to multichannel upmix is combined with a method creating virtual surround sound on a headphone gaining a maximum of quality for the majority of test songs. Criteria, that describe good virtual surround sound for headphones are set up at the beginning of the studies. The cognitions are ascribed to the parameters of both systems and optimized regarding the criteria of quality. All the work is done, using the existing code, written in MATLAB. Additionaly the Systems are combined in the realtime environment of Pure Data for experimenting. A special listening test procedure is used to test the parameters of the system for subjective preference. To support the achieved improvement, the new system is to be listening tested versus the unoptimized system.
Supervisors Höldrich, R., Hellmuth, O., Plogsties, J., Mundt, H., Walther, A.