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Umsetzung eines Programms zur Sensibilisierung der auditiven Wahrnehmung – Räumliche Abbildung

Authors Kulmer, J.
Year 2010
Thesis Type Bachelor's thesis
Topic Audio Signal Processing
Abstract During the seminar “Aufnahmetechnik 1” a software program was created to sensitize the awareness of auditory perception. It consists of three parts: timbre, dynamics and spatial sound. This work relates to the item spatial hearing with the aim to create a training tool, which simulates the acoustics of real environments and trains the evaluation of spatial sound. Following attributes for practicing are chosen: perception of distance from sound source to listener; perception of room size and sound of the reverberation. The simulation of the virtual space is realized through a reverberation on the principle of Jean Marc Jot. The software is written in MATLAB and in PureData.
Supervisors Sontacchi, A.