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Sources of imprecision in the determination of lateral energy fraction and perceptual investigations

Authors Seo, J., Zagala, F.
Year 2015
Thesis Type Bachelor's thesis
Topic Audio Signal Processing
Abstract The early lateral energy fraction (LF) is one of the most important room acoustic parameters for apparent source width (ASW). However, the measurement of LF suffers from many imprecisions and then represents incongruity. To investigate how various parameters affect LF, diverse rooms were generated by means of ambisonics on a loudspeaker-array and Lfs were measured by two different microphone systems with a variation of conditions. Diverse factors describing the microphones and their use were investigated and a calibration between an omni-directional and figure-of- eight microphones was performed thereafter. Another alternative with tetrahedral microphone-array was examined and compared to the conventional method. The fluctuations of LF were also taken into account to improve the precision of the mea- sures and its suitability in an ASW evaluation context. The appropriateness between the values of LF and auditory perceptions was then demonstrated with a simple psycho-acoustical test.
Supervisors Sontacchi, A.