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User-oriented development of an universal hardware controller for graphical user interfaces of audio software

Authors Bengler, B.
Year 2011
Thesis Type Diploma thesis
Topic Interaction Design
Keywords Hardware, audio recording and reproduction, Computermusic and Elektronic Music
Abstract This project aims at developing a touchscreen-based device which enables the user to operate all virtual control elements of graphical user interfaces by handling a physical hardware controller. A fully functional prototype will be built being available at the IEM afterwards. The user shall be enabled to access every virtual on-screen control via the touchscreen and to control it precisely using an on-board hardware encoder. Furthermore, no additional software will be required while the controller works regardless whether an external hardware control is supported or not. In this way the all-purpose controller shall enable a task-oriented and intuitive handling of audio software applications. An important aspect is an user-oriented development process which incorporates the future users already in the system design. By this means it should be ensured, that the development is significantly driven by the requirements of its users. Also the user interaction and the interface are going to be developed incorporating methods of the fields Human Computer Interaction respectively Interaction Design.
Supervisors Eckel, G., Magnes, W., Rocchesso, D.