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Ambisonics Binaural Dekoder Implementation als Audio Plug-in mit Headtracking zur Schallfeldrotation

Authors Kronlachner, M.
Year 2012
Thesis Type Bachelor's thesis
Topic Interaction Design
Abstract This thesis deals with the surround sound technique Ambisonics and the possibility of decoding Ambisonics Signals for binaural headphone playback. A binaural decoder audio plug-in has been developed within the programming framework JUCE. Therefore it supports various plug-in standards (AU, VST, RTAS, LV2) on different operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux). The decoder is developed for 3rd order 3d Ambisonics. So far no 3rd order 3d encoders and rotators have been available as audio plug-in except for Linux (LADSPA). Therefore an encoder and rotator have been developed to create a test environment for the decoder. A Microsoft Kinect™camera is used to measure the listeners head rotation. The estimated angles are used to rotate the Ambisonics soundfield in the opposite direction. This allows to keep the position of the sound sources stable in relation to the listener. Therefore the localization capability for the listener can be improved.
Supervisors Ritsch, W.