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Realisierung eines virtuellen Kopfhörers

Authors Petritsch, H.
Year 2009
Thesis Type Audio Engineering project
Topic Audio Signal Processing
Abstract The aim of this project is the realisation of virtual earphones. A measurement system is implemented as a GUI (Graphical User Interface) in Matlab, which measures the HRTFs (Head Related Transfer Functions) from the acoustic sources to the microphones of a dummy head and calculates the IHRTFs (Inverse HRTFs). After that the acoustic sources for the sound reproduction can be calculated from any stereo signal. Wave field synthesis positions these sources as focused sources around the head. The quality of the virtual earphones for different array geometries of secondary sources and for different parameters is evaluated. The project is carried out at IRT in cooperation with IEM.
Supervisors Sontacchi, A., Laumann, K.