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Filter-based auralization of sound insulation between rooms

Authors Schültke, J.
Year 2022
Thesis Type Audio Engineering project
Topic Audio Signal Processing
Abstract There are many regulations and standards for the theoretical calculation of the direct and indirect sound transmission of walls and the associated transmission R_w. But it is often very difficult to imagine how loud and in which frequency range sound finally passes through the walls into another room. The aim of this project is to illustrate sound transmission by means of practical auralization in the form of a plug-in. For this purpose, the most important relations from the standard ÖNORM EN ISO 12354 for the calculation of the acoustic properties of buildings are reproduced from component properties by means of filter cascades in order to simulate the sound transmission of direct and flanking paths. The main objective is to illustrate the influence that different, wall-specific properties (component masses, losses, resonances, coincidence frequency, etc.) have on sound transmission. The intended application is to make audible the difference between the sound passing through a neighboring room compared to the sound there and to allow to change the construction properties in the simulated building.
Supervisors Zotter, F.