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Study about the application of DirAC on higher-order Eigenmike signals

Authors Ziegler, P.
Year 2019
Thesis Type Audio Engineering project
Topic Spatial Audio
Keywords Higher-Order Ambisonics (HOA), directivity
Abstract The sound recording with ambisonic microphones higher order allows a relatively precise directional localization of sound sources. Therefore, these microphones offer interesting possibilities in audio signal processing, where multiple directional determination is one of them. In this work a method for multiple directional detection is shown with the Eigenmike R. The 32 channels of the Eigenmike R allow to detect multiple directions by a decomposition in Ambisonics 4th order. Whereas Ambisonics 1st order only one direction per time- / frequency bin can be assigned. Based on the decomposition of the audio signal into several sectors, the localization is performed according to a known method for Ambisonics 1st order, called Directional Audio Coding. Here, by calculating an intensity vector in each sector a source direction can be determined directly and the sum of all sectors results in a multiple directional localization. The paper describes various tests of the algorithm and its properties when it is applied to room impulse responses and recorded Ambisonics signals.
Supervisors Zotter, F.